Academic and Admissions

This College teaches scholars to write creative novels and compositions. Upon completion of written works, students publish them while marketing to targeted audiences and demonstrating evidence of book revenue.

Graduates receive a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing:

"The MFA is a creative degree usually awarded as a terminal degree in visual arts, creative writing, graphic design, photography, filmmaking, dance, theatre, other performing arts-or in some cases, theatre management or arts administration. Additionally, in the United States, an MFA is recognized as a terminal degree for practitioners...creative writing---meaning that it is consider the highest degree in its field, and is a minimum qualification to become a full-time professor at the University level in these disciplines." Wikipedia

Classes are designed for returning adult learning. There is an online component to the program where graduate students must engage in on-line learning. Students meet once a month on Saturdays for six and a half hours from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. for four years for a total of 65 credit hours. Upon graduation, students will have a published book, a thesis composition, and a portfolio demonstrating sales revenue of their works.

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***Please mail completed admissions form and nonrefundable $100.00 registration fee to:


7682 Bunker Ridge Road

Platteville, WI 53818

***All applications must be received by August 15, 2018 for fall Cohort, 2018***

Admissions requirements: Now accepting applications for fall 2018-2019 Semester

  • Must hold a bachelors degree in related field from an accredited institution. Example, the sciences, math, biology, clinical science, or liberal arts degree including performing arts such as music, art, teaching both secondary and elementary with a accumulated GPA of 3.0.
  • Must be self motivated with minimal supervision.
  • Must be a mature professional individual with an life long learning aptitude.
  • Must be upbeat and demonstrate the spirit of team collaboration in a positive attitude.
  • Will provide an academic transcript of previous education.
  • Must complete an application.


  • We admit five (5) mature students into the program.
  • Returning adults who hold no bachelors degree but have the following:
    1. Hold an associate degree
    2. Hold a high school Cumulative GPA of 3.0
    3. Have previously published one or more books

Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Publishing Program

4 year program


SEMESTER 1 Composition and Literature

A. Expository Composition 3 credits

B. Creative Writing 3 credits

C. Novel Writing 3 credits

D. Thesis Question Introduction and review of Literature 1 credit

SEMESTER 2 Religion

A. Understanding The Gospels 4 credits

B. Walking in the Spirit and God’s Power 4 credits

C. Understanding Heaven 3 credits


SEMESTER 3 Romance

A. Romance, Dating and Adventure in Literature 3 credits

B. Literature in Performance 4 credits

C. Storytelling 4 credits

D. American Literature 3 credits

SEMESTER 4 Marketing

A. Direct Sales 2 credits

B. Traditional Media and Social Media 5 credits

1. Branding

2. Campaigning


SEMESTER 5 Publishing

A. Digital Publishing, 3 credits

1. Book Design,

2. Cover

3. Publishing Standards

B. Picture Design 3 credits

SEMESTER 6 Research

A. Thesis Research 6 Credits


SEMESTER 7 & 8 Elective

A. Thesis Question 1 credit

Thesis Paper

A. Book and Novel Development 10 Credits

1. Fiction

2. Nonfiction

Total Credits 65


16.25 credits per year : Cost $5,687.50

Cost: $350.00 per Credit

Total Academic Credit Tuition: $22,750.00 for four year

Book Cost: $1500.00

Total Tuition Cost $24,250.00