About Bob and Angie

Angie Burbach-Gbala Chief Executive Officer

Angie is CEO of Bobulogic LLC. She is Mother of Seven children, two of her own and five stepchildren, three of which are adults with their own families. Her and Bob are proud grandparents of two boys.

Dr. DESWIN ROBERT GBALA (Ed.D) Senior Vice President, Novelist

Bob was born in a Diamond mine in Liberia, West Africa, and lived there for eight years before he came to America in 1970. He says that for his first eight years, he lived in the rainforest jungle in a mud Hut with a grass roof. There were no windows, electricity, plumbing, stove, beds, refrigerators, outhouses, camping gear, doors or modern industrial infrastructure. I have heard him describe his life in his rural village very vividly. His experiences in that environment are a source of comparison and contrast for him, enabling him to look at American culture from an unusual perspective. He served in the U.S. Navy during the Gulf War from 1988-1992. His tour of duty in the Navy provided him with GI Bill benefits, enabling him to go to college. He has published a number of writings, a few of them include "Rock University;" a narrative based on a psychological experiment in racial discrimination; his first novel published is "Genetic Armageddon," a science fiction suspense thriller, and children’s stories, which include "The Giant Cookie That Ate Chicago." He has spoken at elementary schools, high schools, and colleges nationally. He has two Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Communication and English Education, a Masters of Education degree from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and a Doctorate of Education from Edgewood College.

  • Edge of Seat Suspense
  • Intense Pace
  • Electrifying Energy!

"Deswin has a high energy level that captures attention and energizes students."

Bill Leonard, University of Wisconsin La Crosse, Education Department Field Supervisor.

"Mr. Gbala has a knack for catching your audience's attention. His energetic storytelling style and brave vivid examples motivated even students who have been yawning back in their chairs to sit up and pay respect."

Dr. Annette White-Parks, Associate Professor, English Department, University of Wisconsin La Crosse

"Many adjectives come to mind when I think of Mr. Deswin Gbala: intelligent, outgoing, motivated, dedicated, flexible, determined, professional, caring, fun and personable. Our students listened to and respected him."

Mrs. Janet Koll, Logan Middle School, School District of La Crosse

"I have taught for over thirty-five years, and I have seen teachers come and go: but never have I seen a man who was more dedicated to the profession."

Robert Gomoll, English Teacher, University of Dubuque, IA

"He [Deswin] was able to keep them on the edge of their seat for the whole hour."

Glen Jenkins, Principal Longfellow Middle School, La Crosse Wisconsin

"Bob is a very dynamic and energetic storyteller whose intense pace captivates his audience through the whole show."

Rosemary Pendleton, Library Assistant La Crosse Public Library