Story Characters

Angels of Almighty God


Ocar-Chief Archangel with special wings

Lydia- Ocar's Partner Archangel, White Dragon [Princess of the Splendid Season: Former Housekeeper]

Diana Abagotti- Warrior/ Angel of Love, Ophelia's best friend

Bad Dog Snoopie-Born an Angel to human parents

Angel's doing human term:

Valeti [Prince of Sexual Performance, Dante's Fraternal Twin brother - Angel doing human term

Dante- Ophelia's lover, famous writer, novelist

Mr. LaFlevre- Dante's Father

Meedina LaFlevre [Dante's mother and manager

Dinine-Dante's Sister

Lovette-Dante's best friend


Rico-Psychiatrist, Lydia's Son

Yunior- Inner city history teacher

Homer, a mischievous teenage boy

Hazel, a mischievous teenage female

Ophelia- Dante's lover, soon to be wife. Famous singer and classical pianist

Mr. Capulier-Ophelia's Father

Savanna Capulier-Ophelia's mother

Breeze- Ophelia's Manager

Zimi-Ophelia's Chief of Security

Human Characters


Sonthy Savitri

Reggie Wheat (RW)

Grace -Sonthy's Mother

Norbert -Sonthy's Father



Devin and Dylan Johnson (Brothers- Owners of the Brotherhood Inc. A Genetic Research Company and Children of Caroline and Dave Johnson )

Alfred Zum (The Zum Man) Devin and Dylan's right hand man.

The Eraser- Mr. Zum Man's right hand

More to come.