Bobulogic Workshops and Presentations

Gospel According To Bob

This performance presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ from Dr. Gbala's (Bob) point of view while highlighting God's love for humanity. His unusual point of view demonstrates the tangible power of the Son of God. In this illustration God confirms His Son's power to save with signs and wonders. The presentation clearly articulates exactly what Jesus looks like; where Heaven is; how to get there; what it looks like, and what attributes Heaven displays in contrast to life on Earth. This presentation is an unforgettable, must have, eye opening experience!

This presentation will last 90 minutes. The honorarium is negotiable.

A Multicultural Experience: What is it to be African American? by Dr. Deswin R. Gbala

This is to offer a presentation on multicultural education to faculty, staff and students. This presentation will address existing stereotypes about minorities, and more specifically what is coined as "African American". The purpose of this presentation is to provide strategies that will reduce cultural learning barriers and increase understanding through the effective use of Diversity Pedagogy Theory.

Dr. Gbala graduated from Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin with a Doctorate in Education Leadership. His Dissertation is titled Challenging Cultural Barriers in Higher Education. It was a study on how a university instructor used diversity pedagogy to reduce learning barriers. This Dissertation can be purchased on our website store at or

Abstract: This study examined one methods course in one teacher education program, which incorporated Diversity Pedagogy Theory (DPT) to prepare pre-service teachers to teach secondary English. One course instructor and two pre-service teachers were interviewed to find whether DPT affected pre-service teachers' teaching practices and helped them reduce cultural learning barriers through multicultural education. Data were analyzed according to a matrix of eight dimensions aligned with pedagogical practices and student behaviors. Findings showed participants' preferences for instructional practices, social awareness, assessment, diverse methods, content knowledge, and identity pedagogy. The researcher provided eleven recommendations and a reflection.

This presentation will last 55 minutes. The honorarium is negotiable.


The performing Artist (Dr. Deswin R. Gbala) illicit childhood stories and turns them into dramatic and theatrical presentation

in the oral tradition. Some presentational narratives are as follows: The Giant Cookie That Ate Chicago, The Oatmeal Monster, Don't blow it Mr. Wolf, When I Was a Boy, and Boodie Butt. For Poetry readings, the audience chooses a number of poetry for presenter to illustrate. These stories are mix with comedy, adventure, suspense, and electrifying edge of seat anticipation!

This presentation will last 55 minutes. The honorarium is negotiable